Guinness U-Turn on Billy Mitchell’s world records

Guinness U-Turn on Billy Mitchell’s world records

Guinness World Records has reinstated Billy Mitchell’s gaming achievements following a re-examination of evidence and further supporting testimony.

Something of an antagonist in the world of competitive video gaming, Billy Mitchell has been at the centre of a battle that threw his gaming credentials into doubt.

In 2018, following an investigation into the legitimacy of his world record claims, Twin Galaxies – the widely recognised gaming record keeping organisation – expunged Mitchell’s records.

With doubt raised regarding the type of hardware Mitchell used for his world record submissions Guinness World Records soon followed suit by removing Mitchell’s world records for Pac-Man and Donkey Kong from their database.

Mitchell now receives some vindication as Guinness have announced a dramatic u-turn on that decision. Citing a review of existing evidence, new testimony from witnesses, expert gaming analysis and hardware verification, Guinness have released a cringe-worthy video statement, starring Mitchell himself, explaining the reversal of their decision.

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It’s worth noting that this decision doesn’t absolve Mitchell of any wrong-doing, rather it notes that there isn’t sufficient evidence to uphold the removal of his records at this time.

Twin Galaxies remain unmoved on their decision to expunge Mitchell’s records, though things look set to come to a head as Mitchell is set to take legal action in a bid to uphold his reputation.

We can’t wait for the inevitable low-budget docudrama adaptation of this story.

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