Harry Potter LEGO Makes A Magical Return

Harry Potter LEGO Makes A Magical Return

It’s been seven years since LEGO discontinued the theme, now Harry Potter LEGO returns with some magical new sets.

LEGO have revealed a new range of sets based on the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Originally making its LEGO debut seventeen years ago, the theme was discontinued a decade later. Now, as the extended Potterverse receives a resurgence, everyone’s favourite wizard – and friends – return in brick form.

First up, Harry, Hermione, Ron and Dumbledore each receive the Brickheadz treatment. LEGO’s big-headed character sets provide genuine value for money.

Harry Potter Brickheadz LEGO

Harry Potter comes bundled with his trusty owl, Hedwig and will retail for around £14.99 [41615]. Hermione Granger comes as singular set with a £9.99 price tag [41616], whilst Ron Weasley and Albus Dumbledore complete the range as a twosome costing £19.99 [41621]. Harry Potter Brickheadz will be available from July 1st.

If you like your sets a little more challenging, there are four new builds might be a bit more up your Diagon Alley street.

Harry Potter Lego Quiddich

This 500 piece Quidditch set allows you to re-enact all the action from the film as Harry Potter seeks to catch the Golden Snitch. The build comes with six mini-figs including Professor Snape and Hermione Granger. [75956 – £39.99]

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LEGO Hogwarts Grand Hall

The flagship of the new Harry Potter range is without doubt this 878 piece Hogwarts Grand Hall. This highly detailed set contains many of the features seen in the films including a moving staircase, lattice windows, the Sorting Hat and no fewer than ten mini-figs allowing for extensive possibilities. [75954 – £99.99]

Harry Potter Lego Whomping Willow

Forming a companion piece to the Hogwarts Grand Hall is the Whomping Willow set. The two builds can be connected together to form one large diorama. 753 pieces build an extension to Hogwarts, the famous blue Ford Anglia car and, of course, the Whomping Willow. The set comes with six mini-figs. [75953 – £69.99]

Lego Hogwarts Express

Lastly there’s this wonderful 801 piece Hogwarts Express with King’s Cross station featuring a hidden entrance to platform 9 3/4. Harry and friends set off for Hogwarts for the first time aboard the beautiful red Hogwarts Express steam train. [75955 – £79.99]

With a release date set as the 1st of August for the Hogwarts Grand Hall, one would assume that the other sets will be available around the same time.

Prices may vary.

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