Hasbro is making a Back to the Future Transformer

Hasbro is making a Back to the Future Transformer

It’s a Delorean Transformer. Hasbro celebrate the 35th anniversary of Back to the Future with a crazy crossover toy.

Back to the Future celebrates it’s 35th anniversary today and to mark the occasion toy-makers, Hasbro, have announced a new version of Doc Brown’s Delorean time-machine. A Transformer.

Hasbro’s BTTF/Tansformers toy will be available to pre-order from Walmart in the U.S. soon and only 1985 (see what they did there) will be made, making this a very desirable collectable. A variant of the Transformer will also be available from Hasbro Pulse from October 1st.

Back to the Future Transformer

Whilst standing the toy measures 5.5 inches tall and will transform into car mode in 17 steps. The new Transformer is called Gigawatt (makes sense) and ties into a new four-part comic series from IDW Publishing.

The series will imagine Marty McFly returning to Hill Valley in 1985. All seems well until Doc Brown’s time-machine attracts the attention of the Decepticons. Marty is thrust into a plot that will find him battling the Decepticons throughout the past, present and future. All with the help of the latest Autobot, Gigawatt.

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It’s a strange toy crossover, for sure. But not so much for the comic series. IDW have introduced several of their character licenses to the Transformers universe in recent years.

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