Here’s an expensive Boba Fett bust you didn’t know you need

Here’s an expensive Boba Fett bust you didn’t know you need

Recent perambulations around the interwebs led me to this resin Boba Fett bust. It costs a lot of money and I will never own it.

My discovery of Trap Toys some years ago opened up my eyes to the world of bootleg toy-making. The boys at trap crossover pop-culture characters with hip-hop giants in a tongue in cheek kind of way. Artists like ‘Cracked Hatchet’, however, deliver hand-designed resin figures that top anything you can find commercially. They sell in limited runs for big money too.

It’s no surprise then, that whilst strolling through the endless swipes of the internet recently, I can across a promoted ad for Woaw Store. Based in Hong Kong, Kevin Poon carefully curates exclusive collaborations from around the globe and presents them for the Asian market. Jean Michelle Basquiat notebooks, Andy Warhol candles and Keith Haring art presented on a triptych of skateboards. That kind of thing and all items that appeal to my geeky pop-culture sensibilities.

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One item stands out though. Targeted Facebook advertising sucker punched me with this 9.5 inch tall, hand-crafted, hand-painted, resin Boba Fett bust.

With the tremendous success of Disney/LucasFilm’s Madalorian series, the O.G. ‘Mando’, Boba Fett, is also enjoying something of a resurgence. Let’s be honest, Fett has always been one of the better Star Wars characters and this resin bust makes him almost as cute as Baby Yoda. He wears a green hoody and slurps a shake on a day off.

This limited run figure is a collaboration between Singapore creative studio Flabslab and Chinese/American artist Luke Chueh. Available online through, you’ll need to pay $3,120 HKD. That’s around £300 GBP or $401 USD.

Lovely, but not within my budget unfortunately. Read more about the figure here.


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