Here’s the first trailer for Netflix’s dark fantasy series ‘Locke & Key’

Here’s the first trailer for Netflix’s dark fantasy series ‘Locke & Key’

Adapted from the best-selling series of IDW Publishing comic books, ‘Locke & Key’ has finally found its home at Netflix, debuting in February.

Netflix’s new dark fantasy series adapts ‘Locke & Key’, a best-selling comic series published by IDW Publishing. Written by Joe Hill and illustrated by Gabriel Rodríguez the series debuted in February 2008. Now the story finds a new medium.

Following the murder of their father by a former student, the Locke family relocate to their ancestral home in Matheson, Massachusetts (a deviation from the comic book name of Lovecraft). The family soon discover that the house isn’t what it initially seemed. Known as the Keyhouse, the house is quite literally full of keys. Each unlocks a magical power, but with it comes a sinister threat. An evil entity lives in a well near the house and is hell-bent on possessing all the keys.

Locke & Key has endured a bumpy ride on its way to our screens. The story was originally destined for the cinema with Dimension Films but ultimately didn’t come to fruition. A move to the small screen seemed destined to failure too. Both Fox and Hulu respectively optioned the story, filmed pilot episodes before dropping the project. Finally Netflix picked up the show and with a new cast have created a ten episode series.

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Locke & Key debuts on Netflix on February 7th.

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