Hero Quest Board Game From The 1980’s Set For Return

Hero Quest Board Game From The 1980’s Set For Return

The classic Dungeons & Dragons style board game from MB is set to return after successful crowdfunding

Hero Quest is the name of a dungeon exploring boardgame from MB Games that was co-developed with Games Workshop.

The first incarnation was released in 1989 and in the following years several expansion packs were released along with the tools to allow you to create your own adventures.

But what is Hero Quest? It’s very much a less complicated version of Dungeons & Dragons. Instead of using your imagination, the game is played on a board representing the dungeon/castle you are exploring. As you explore the dungeons, one player is the dungeon master, but in Hero Quest they are an evil wizard controlling the enemy.

As the other players walked around the dungeon, the evil wizard player would place doorways, furniture and creatures on the board to help bring the game to life.

The heroes in the game could choose from four character classes, Barbarian, Elf, Dwarf and Wizard. All the heroes and enemies were represented by simple but yet well-defined plastic pieces that were used on the game board.

I played Hero Quest several times at a friends house as a child and it was always great fun. It was even converted into a video game for the 8-bit and 16-bit home computers of the time.

As time has passed, copies of this game have been reaching very high prices on the secondary market and Hasbro have decided it was time to bring the game back.

Running a crowdsourcing campaign via Hasbro’s own website Hasbro Pulse, they were asking for a total of $1m. At the time of writing, that total has almost reached $2m!

There are two versions of the game available, the Heroic version which contains the basic game for $99.99. There is also a Mythic release which contains more characters, furniture and expansion packs for $149.99.

Unfortunately, this campaign was for the United States and Canada only, until now.

For those of you residing in the UK who wish to either relive their youth or play the game for the first time, Zavvi are now offering the Mythic version up for pre-order for £149.

Hero Quest game.


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