Holy Lego, Batman! This Classic TV Series Batcave Set Is Amazing!

Holy Lego, Batman! This Classic TV Series Batcave Set Is Amazing!

As the classic 60s Batman television series celebrates its 50th anniversary our wallets cry out in pain at the sight of this amazing Batcave set.

This DC Super Heroes set has the lot, the heroes, the villains, the butler, the Batmobile, Batcopter, Batcycle, Wayne Manor and the Batcave! Holy shit-balls! (sorry).

This colossal set is made up of 2,526 pieces and comes equipped with everything you need to re-enact your favourite moments from the classic TV series. As you’d expect there are minifigs of Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson as well as their crime-fighting alter-egos Batman and Robin. Alfred is on hand to keep a check on Wayne Manor whilst the villains of Gotham City wreak havoc. Pit Batman and The Boy Wonder against Catwoman, The Riddler, Penguin and hit most notable nemesis, The Joker. The duo can activate the hidden entrance to slide down the firemans pole from Wayne Manor into the Batcave and take to the air in the Batcopter, hit the streets on the Batcycle or jump into that classic Batmobile.

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Best of all? You can pose the caped crusaders in that most famous of scenes, climbing up the side of a building. This really is a hefty set, expect a hefty price tag.

The DC Super Heroes Classic TV Series Batcave (Set 76052) will be available from retailers on March the 1st.


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