Homeless & The Van Gobots | Twenty Dirt | Album

Homeless & The Van Gobots | Twenty Dirt | Album

Minneapolis rapper Homelss and alt-rock band The Van Gobots team up to produce a twelve track album titled Twenty Dirt.

Tonal guitars intertwine through this loose vibed collaboration that doesn’t veer too far into Homeless’ hip-hop territory, nor The Van Gobot’s melodic realm of alt-rock. Instead you the listener are treated to a perfect balance between the two. Vocals are split between rapped rhymes and sung melodies.

Twenty Dirt is a cool album well worthy of a home on your listening device and as a name your price release via bandcamp it’s great value for money too.

Twenty-Dirt is a collaborative album between Minneapolis musicians: rapper Homeless and alt-rock band The van Gobots. Rock, but not rock music; hip-hop but not hip-hop music, Twenty-Dirt is the product of two distinct styles, weaved together, to create an equally intricate and laid back vibe. The van Gobots’ post-punk influences and song writing tenure, combined with Homeless’s history in the spectrum of both rap music and poetry, unite to deliver emotive guitars, tight rhythms, and incisive lyrics.

Will Harrison

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