Homeless & The Van Gobots | Twenty Dirt | Album

Homeless & The Van Gobots | Twenty Dirt | Album

Minneapolis rapper Homelss and alt-rock band The Van Gobots team up to produce a twelve track album titled Twenty Dirt.

Tonal guitars intertwine through this loose vibed collaboration that doesn’t veer too far into Homeless’ hip-hop territory, nor The Van Gobot’s melodic realm of alt-rock. Instead you the listener are treated to a perfect balance between the two. Vocals are split between rapped rhymes and sung melodies.

Twenty Dirt is a cool album well worthy of a home on your listening device and as a name your price release via bandcamp it’s great value for money too.

Twenty-Dirt is a collaborative album between Minneapolis musicians: rapper Homeless and alt-rock band The van Gobots. Rock, but not rock music; hip-hop but not hip-hop music, Twenty-Dirt is the product of two distinct styles, weaved together, to create an equally intricate and laid back vibe. The van Gobots’ post-punk influences and song writing tenure, combined with Homeless’s history in the spectrum of both rap music and poetry, unite to deliver emotive guitars, tight rhythms, and incisive lyrics.

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