Hype X Star Wars | Streetwear Company Channels A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

Hype X Star Wars | Streetwear Company Channels A Galaxy Far, Far Away…

UK Streetwear company Hype are no strangers to a pop-culture team up. This time they head back to 1977 for a Star Wars collaboration.

Clothing and accessory brand, Hype, have found inspiration in Star Wars: A New Hope for their latest pop-culture inspired line.

Previous collaborations have seen the company produce a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles range as well as last year’s hugely popular Hype X Pok√©mon event which saw items selling out on day one.

It looks like there’s either less demand, or more likely, more stock for this Star Wars inspired range which features cool English and Japanese language logos, large prints of the film’s main characters and a dubious number of Chewbacca items including a brown furry hoody.

Hype X Star Wars

T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, jogging pants, backpacks, caps, scarves and even a Chewie bum-bag are all on offer. Some are more garish than others but for me there are some classic, clean designs I’d be happy to wear whilst out and about.

Check out the entire collection at justhype.co.uk

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