I Fight Dragons Head Up ‘The Goldbergs Mixtape’

I Fight Dragons Head Up ‘The Goldbergs Mixtape’

Retro comedy TV show ‘The Goldbergs’ has a mixtape. Five covers and nine originals mostly sung by cast members.

Troy Gentile (Barry Goldberg), AJ Michalka (Lainey Lewis) and Hayley Orrantia (Erica Goldberg) all lend their voices to ‘The Goldbergs Mixtape’, a fourteen track soundtrack to the ABC comedy show.

There are five covers of eighties songs including Cyndi Lauper’s ‘True Colors’ and The Bangles’ ‘Eternal Flame’. Other tracks are originals, mostly provided by the cast members in various collaborations whilst the tracklist is filled out by Kurtis Blow (‘D&D’). Anthony Petix (‘Barry Goldberg: A Rap Story’) and of course I Fight Dragons who provide the catchy theme tune ‘Rewind’.

You can read our interview with I Fight Dragons singer Brian Mazzaferri which references how the band got to provide the title music for the show.

The Goldbergs Mixtape is available to buy and stream wherever you get your music, including iTunes. Full Tracklist below.

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1.  “Rewind” (The Goldbergs Main Title Theme) — I Fight Dragons
2.  “Love Ninja” — Hayley Orrantia & Troy Gentile
3.  “D&D” — Kurtis Blow
4.  “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” — Hayley Orrantia
5.  “Bad Boy Good Guy” — Troy Gentile
6.  “True Colors” — Hayley Orrantia
7.  “Ferris Wheel” — Troy Gentile
8.  “Tom Sawyer” — Hayley Orrantia & AJ Michalka
9.  “He’s the Man” — Troy Gentile (feat. Hayley Orrantia, AJ Michalka & Sam Lerner)
10. “Eternal Flame” — Hayley Orrantia & AJ Michalka
11. “Judah Macabee” — Troy Gentile (feat. Sean Giambrone, Sam Lerner, Noah Munck, Matt Bush)
12. “Barry Goldberg: A Rap Story” — Anthony Petix
13. “Walking on Sunshine” — Hayley Orrantia & AJ Michalka
14. “Dads Just Don’t Care” — Troy Gentile

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