Ideal for restorations. Amiga Beige and Atari Grey spray paint?

Ideal for restorations. Amiga Beige and Atari Grey spray paint?

Retro computer and console modifications and restorations are a micro industry in themselves. But finding the right shade of paint can be a real arse. Not anymore.

Polish based company Retrohax has come up with a solution to a problem most of us didn’t know existed. But if you have even a passing interest in the restoration of retro home computers, you’re going to want to read on.

For even the most proficient of restorer, there will come a time when a machine will need a touch up. A scuff, a repaired crack or chipped casing needs to be painted. Herein lies the problem. Hours of mixing paints to find just the right shade proves costly in time and may not produce great results.

What if someone made those paints ready mixed in an easy to apply packaging? Enter Retrohax.

The company already specialised in an extensive range of retro computing components with handy how-to guides. Now they’ve expanded their offerings to include three unique shades of spray paint. Amiga 500 Beige, C-64 Beige and Atari ST/SE Grey. No more mixing, just shake and spray.

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Here’s the bad news. Current flight restrictions due to Covid-19 mean that Retrohax can only ship within Poland. They’re looking into a solution. Furthermore, stock is low and each can will set you back 99 złoty, equivalent to around £20 (€22 / $28).

Still, something to keep an eye on.

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