If You Want A Jay & Silent Bob Video Game You’ll Have To Be Quick With The Pledges

If You Want A Jay & Silent Bob Video Game You’ll Have To Be Quick With The Pledges

There’s a Jay & Silent Bob video game being crowdfunded. But there’s only a few days left to pledge.

Jay And Silent Bob: Chronic Bluntpunch is the brainchild of Justin Woodward, founder of Interabang Entertainment, and Trevor Fehrman who played dim witted counter jockey Elias in Kevin Smith’s Clerks II.

The concept is a cartoonish side scrolling beat-em-up based on the characters of the View Askewniverse – Kevin Smith’s interconnecting collection of films that includes Clerks (I & II) Mallrats, Dogma, Chasing Amy and more.

Silent Bob

Starring the titular duo of Jay and Silent Bob. naturally the lead characters will be voiced by Jason Mewes and not voiced by Kevin Smith. But the game requires further investment for development and importantly adequate funding to allow for the licensing of character likeness rights for actors from the films. Bare in mind, actors from those films went on to bigger things.

The game has a crowdfunding page up at fig.co where, at time of writing, there is just over two days left of the campaign. The project has a target of $400,000.00 which looks set to be met with less than $5k needed at this point. In fact, it’s likely that the project will be funded by the time this post is published.

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Incentives with any tangible reward begin at $20 which will get you an early download of the game for PC and your name in the credits. But other rewards include getting your face in the game – for a lofty $5k! Even more, and with one of the three available incentives being sold, $10k gets you a walk on part in Kevin Smith’s next movie. One for the die hard fan I’d say.

If you want to pledge or want to know more information head on over to fig.co.


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