Ill Literate And Kristian Sharpe, A Band on Hope

Ill Literate And Kristian Sharpe, A Band on Hope

A Band on Hope is a new project from The Scribes lyricist Ill Literate and producer Kristian Sharpe. Their self-titled debut release blends easy on the ear hip-hop with pop sensibilities.

What you quickly learn about producer Kristian Sharpe from listening to the debut, self-titled release from A Band on Hope is that he pulls inspiration from a wide scope of musical genres. Hip-Hop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Soul, and Electro are cut and crafted into some of the catchiest sounds you’ll hear this year. Over the course of thirteen tracks the pace and tone of each track differs significantly without ever losing the unifying sound that brings the album together.

You might assume that such a varied soundscape may prove a challenge to any poor soul charged with providing vocals. Apparently this is not the case. Ill Literate offers up tight raps through lyrics that are presented with the vocalist’s sincere, recognisable, urban West Country delivery.

It doesn’t end with the raps though. A large part of what makes the album so catchy are the lyricists ear for a hook. Complementing the ever changing music, Ill Literate showcases an impressive range of vocal styles. Rapping aside, at different times you’ll hear a ’90s style indie pop chorus, a subdued monotone delivery or a verse verging on spoken word.

If accessible Hip-Hop is your thing, this album is for you. If you like catchy pop, good news this album is also for you. In fact, if you like music that refuses to conform to any single definition whilst remaining listenable you really ought to be checking out A Band on Hope.

Stand out track: Furgh Que

A Band on Hope is available to buy on iTunes now or stream on Spotify. Check out a four track sampler below.

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