Illbotz Are Back | Woop-De-Doo!

Illbotz Are Back | Woop-De-Doo!

Hibby Dibbidy wibbidy wip woppity woo! Illbotz drop a new single for you.

It’s purely speculation, but it’s entirely possible that Illbotz new single Woop-De-Doo could indicate a genuine threat of more new music being made available on the interwebs by the group. This possibility is thus far unconfirmed but given the levels of intimidation levied at bloggers and nerdcore sympathisers online – including threats of naked pics of vocalist Big Perm… if they DO post this new track up – it’s fair to treat this as a significant advanced warning. We’ve taken the risk of forcefully receiving NSFW images into our inbox so that you, good people of the world wide web, can stay safe and enjoy this new, catchy, up-beat musical number with peace of mind. Look after each other out there.

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Stream Woop-De-Doo or download via Illbotz bandcamp page now.

[bandcamp width=640 height=640 track=2389920744 size=large bgcol=ffffff linkcol=2ebd35 minimal=true]

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