Impossible Gaming Star Wars Day Special Part 3 | Super Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

Impossible Gaming Star Wars Day Special Part 3 | Super Star Wars: Return Of The Jedi

To celebrate Star Wars Day this May The Fourth Chadley and Tristan take Impossible Gaming into a galaxy far, far away…

Growing in popularity with each episode Impossible Gaming is presented by Chadley and Tristan who take on some of history’s toughest video games across all consoles to find out if the hype is justified. Some games are just bad, some games are tough and the challenge will often drive them to bouts of foul or incomprehensible language, violence and on occasion… vomiting.

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In this final stretch, Chadley attempts the third and final Super Star Wars on the SNES and the results are hideously laughable. Tristan continues to swoon over strangely unsexy Star Wars characters while Chadley reaches his most pathetic breaking point yet.

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About Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi | Super Star Wars: Return of the Jedi is a run and gun released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in North America on June 22, 1994, Europe on March 30, 1995 and in Japan on June 23, 1995. It is the third and final game in the Super Star Wars trilogy and is based on the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. There is also a simplified version for the Game Boy and Game Gear portable systems.

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