Impossible Gaming | Takeshi’s Challenge | Season Four Premiere

Impossible Gaming | Takeshi’s Challenge | Season Four Premiere

It’s time for Impossible Gaming! Chadley & Tristan return with a fourth season of your favourite YouTube retro gaming show.

Growing in popularity with each episode Impossible Gaming is presented by Chadley and Tristan who take on some of history’s toughest video games across all consoles to find out if the hype is justified. Some games are just bad, some games are tough and the challenge will often drive them to bouts of foul or incomprehensible language, violence and on occasion… vomiting.

Submit your suggestions for games that will make Chadley and Tristan mad on the next episode of Impossible Gaming!

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Chadley and Tristan are BACK! After contemplating his own involvement with Impossible Gaming, Tristan decided his only way to forgive Chadley was if he gave an honest look at the famicom game Takeshi’s Challenge. There’s laughs, there’s tears, it’s a wacky event.

About Takeshi’s Challenge | Takeshi’s Challenge is a Japanese action-adventure video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System developed by the Taito Corporation. Though other video games bearing the names of Japanese celebrities had been developed prior to Takeshi’s Challenge, comedian-turned actor and film director Takeshi Kitano  was the first celebrity to actively contribute to the video game’s development. The packaging contains several warnings that the game should not be attempted with conventional gaming skills, and the player must complete numerous near-impossible tasks in order to finish the game.

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