Indiana Jones To Return In Gorgeous Fan Film.

Indiana Jones To Return In Gorgeous Fan Film.

Indiana Jones will return in a new animated fan film. A five-year labour of love for artist Patrick Schoenmaker.

In 2008, the fourth (and a little disappointing) entry in the Indiana Jones saga was released to cinemas. Entitled Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, the film received less than glowing reviews and wasn’t the film we were all hoping for after a wait of nearly nineteen years.

Around this time, artist Patrick Schoenmaker was contacted by Lucasfilm to create a piece or art depicting the archaeology professor as an animated cartoon. He created the following print, titled Escaping The Tomb, which is still available for purchase today via ACME Archives.




Unfortunately, Lucasfilm had no interest in actually creating an animated adventure but Patrick couldn’t get the idea out of his head. As stated on his personal site,

Indiana Jones must have been my first true movie hero ever since I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark on a VCR way back when. Yes, some other heroes came and went, but Indy always held a special place. After Crystal Skull was released, my love for the character was once again fully ignited and with no new movies on the horizon back then, I decided to set up an Indiana Jones project of my own to keep the fire burning a little bit longer. So, that was back in 2011 and “a little bit longer” turned into 5 years of hard work.

We will finally see the fruits of his labour very soon as Patrick posted this teaser image revealing the date the film will appear online.

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It must be noted that creating animated films is hard, time-consuming work, so I’m guessing this will appear in the form of a fake trailer for a film that doesn’t exist. As Patrick says,

Just a little disclaimer though, please don’t expect a full feature film, or even a 20 minute episode. Animation is a lot of work and there’s only so much you can accomplish with a small team of 1 and a handfull of assistants. Think more like something along the lines of a fully animated proof of concept.




If you want to see some of the awesome production artwork Patrick has been teasing over the last five years, I recommend visiting the gallery on his personal Facebook page. I’ve included a taster below.



The Adventures of Indiana Jones animated fan film will be available online September 29th.

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