Inhuman Delayed Over Friction With Fraction

Inhuman Delayed Over Friction With Fraction

Marvel Now’s new series Inhuman has been postponed by three months.

Forming the centrepiece of the Marvel winter event Inhumanity, the Inhuman title has been postponed until April 2014, and unusually the delay is of such length that Marvel have cancelled existing orders for the first two editions. Rumours are abound that artist Joe Madureira, who has a reputation for running late, is in part to blame. Other theories suggest that author, Matt Fraction is simply over-whelmed with his own schedule.

Whatever the reasons Fraction is now out, replaced by Charles Soule whose work on She-Hulk and his “world-building” talents have landed him the role. Fraction will still remain within the Marvel fold continuing his current commitments.

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Inhuman #1

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