Inhumanity #1 | Comic Review

Inhumanity #1 | Comic Review

Following the aftermath of Infinity, Inhumanity is the winter comics event from Marvel that will crossover through a number of their leading comics titles.

Inhumanity #1 focusses heavily on Karnak. severely affected by the destruction of Attilan he is placed into custody by The Avengers where he begins to piece together the events surrounding their fight with Thanos, the repercussions of the fall of Attilan, the spreading of Terrigan Mists throughout Earth and what this means for the future of humans and Inhumans.

With Inhuman genes lying dormant within humanity you “might learn that your new self is fantastic, beautiful, filled with immense power…By the same token, you could turn around and find out that you’re nothing. You’re a blob. You have no powers. You can create a little flame out of your pinkie.”

Author Matt Fraction leads the series that will arc through the New Avengers, Uncanny X-Men, Indestructable Hulk, Avengers A.I, Mighty Avengers and Avengers Assemble amongst others.

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After INFINITY, The Marvel Universe has changed.The Avengers find themselves face to face with Karnak who has discovered The secret of The Inhumans THAT will shake The Marvel U to its core. Find out more at

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