It’s International TableTop Day 2017 | A Celebration Of Board Games

It’s International TableTop Day 2017 | A Celebration Of Board Games

Today (April 29th) is International TableTop Day, an annual celebration of board and card gaming around the globe.

Established and promoted by games-centric website Geek & Sundry, International TableTop Day has become a global institution encouraging gamers of all abilities to celebrate board and card gaming.

Head over to the official TableTop Day website to find out where your nearest event is happening, including drop-in sessions, and how to add your own event. You can also watch their day-long stream from the site.

Keep an eye on our social media later today and find out what I’m playing.

About International TableTop Day |  Once a year when the first buds of spring begin to unfurl from their winter slumber, International Tabletop Day brings us back to the table to remind us why we play and to give thanks to those who make every roll of the dice exciting.
From the heaviest strategy game to the lightest party game, ITTD gives us a chance to celebrate those who bring their passions to the table. Everyone from the biggest publisher to the smallest developer let players explore new worlds and take on herculean tasks in little more than an hour. And when we find ourselves sitting in the winner’s circle, we know that it will be the makers of the games we love cheering us on.

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