iPads For Babies! Have Fisher Price Gone Too Far? | News

iPads For Babies! Have Fisher Price Gone Too Far? | News

Everyone loves playing with a tablet or smartphone. Anyone who has children will have seen how quickly they’ve taken to electronic devices, I should know I have two small boys myself. But has this new Fisher Price product taken this concept too far?

The Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity™ Seat for iPad® device is only available on-line in the United States for $80. As you can see its a baby chair with an attached iPad holder.

In the US, the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood is asking the public to sign a petition to encourage Fisher Price to remove the product from its range. The campaign states,

“Because screens can be mesmerizing and babies are strapped down and ‘safely’ restrained, it encourages parents to leave infants all alone with an iPad. To make matters even worse, Fisher-Price is marketing the Apptivity Seat — and claiming it’s educational — for newborns.”

The campaigners believe that children need “laps, not apps.” Fisher Price have countered this replying with,

“The Apptivity Seat is a niche product that is only available on-line. Though we knew the product was not for everyone — we have over a dozen seats from which parents can choose — we wanted to offer it as yet another option for those parents who want the added feature of engaging in age-appropriate content with their children.”

Fisher Price said the product was developed as a result of market research and a gap in the market place. Personally I think it’s disgusting as it obviously encourages the parent to leave the child in front of an iPad whilst doing other things.

Or is it no worse than sitting a baby in front of the television? Let us know your thoughts?

John Abbitt

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    December 16, 2013

    “Or is it no worse than sitting a baby in front of the television?” Yeah, that’s pretty bad in itself…


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