It Came From The Desert | First Look!

It Came From The Desert | First Look!

A Classic 1989 Commodore Amiga game is bought to life as a live-action film!

Founded in 1985, Cinemaware strived to make games that were easy to play and based on popular movie genres.

In 1989 they released It Came From The Desert, an action adventure based on the B-movie monster films of the 1950’s.

In the game, a small American town witnesses the crash landing of a meteorite. You played Dr. Greg Bradley, a geologist who has come to inspect the meteorite. However, you soon discover that the radiation from the meteorite has mutated the ants into a monstrous size!

You had to convince the local townsfolk of the incoming monsters as well as defending the town, very few people believe your stories.

Here’s the game played out in its entirety.

It Came From The Desert has travelled full circle. Inspired by 1950’s films, it was made into a game and now new live action film has been based on the game.

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Finnish production company Roger! Pictures have teamed with Cinemaware to create this new film based on one of their most popular and well-known computer games.

While no release date has been set, I expect this will be released straight to some form of video on demand service.

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