It’s 2019, of course there’s a Space Invaders movie in development

It’s 2019, of course there’s a Space Invaders movie in development

New Line Cinema are reportedly working on a movie based on the classic 1978 shoot ’em up Space Invaders. Because, why not?

I guess Hollywood just doesn’t care that 99 percent of movies based on video games are terrible and bad. The exceptions are few and far between. ‘Street Fighter’ was bad. ‘Super Mario Brothers’ was bad. ‘Assassin’s Creed’ is pretty bad too. Pixels which relied heavily on retro video gaming was worse than bad.

In the interests of objectivity, the most recent ‘Tomb Raider‘ was pretty decent but we live in an age where Battleships was turned into a film. Hollywood will literally take any concept and attempt to turn it into a multi-movie franchise.

Step up New Line Cinema. I can imagine the pitch meeting. “Guys, I’ve got a great idea… remember Space Invaders? Lets turn it into a movie!”. “Great idea, but what was the plot?”. “Aliens invade Earth, a single line of defence has to kill them all before that happens”. “Genius!”. Everyone pats each other on the back and heads off for an expensive lunch.

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This is the problem. The movie will be related to the game pretty much by name only. It has to be an alien invasion story. There’s be over the top action, explosions and very little substance. Prove me wrong New Line.

Writer, Greg Russo, has been tapped up to pen Space Invaders. The fairly unknown filmmaker has recently worked on a ‘Mortal Kombat’ reboot and Netflix’s sequel to ‘Death Note‘.

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