It’s PS5 launch day. Here’s what  we know and how to watch along

It’s PS5 launch day. Here’s what we know and how to watch along

Sony delayed the launch of their new flagship console by a week so as not to detract from more important conversations. Finally it’s PS5 launch day.

Originally scheduled for June 4th, the unveiling of Sony’s PS5 console was delayed by a week. Sony decided that their planned date would only detract from important conversations that arose with regards to the Black Lives Matter movement.

A week later and launch day for the PS5 has finally arrived. Sony’s “PS5 – The Future of Gaming” event will kick off at 1:00pm Pacific Time. That’s 9:00pm here in the UK.

Spectacular graphics and performance are a must. A recent demo by Epic Games using Unreal Engine 5 showcases the level of detail, dynamic lighting and geometry that can be produced instantly on the PS5. In fact, Epic Games revealed that they have been able to re-write some of their core sub-systems in order to take advantage of the PS5’s lightning fast ability to stream and process data. The demo isn’t from any game due for release, but rather a demonstration of what’s possible.

We’ve already seen the new PlayStation 5 ‘DualSense’ controller, which replaces the much loved ‘DualShock’ design. The sleek white styling is, probably unintentionally, reminiscent of Star Wars’ Storm Troopers and received a mixed reception from fans. What we’re not sure about is the final design for the console. Developer units are, how do I put this kindly?, butt-ugly. Huh! Turns out there’s no nice way of wording that.

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There have been numerous concept renders released in the build up to the official launch. How close they are to the actual console is anyone’s guess? The most recent imagining is by YouTube channel Concept Creator which incorporates elements of the PS3 and 4 whilst maintaining an aesthetic in line with that of the ‘DualSense’ controller.

We’ll have a much clearer idea of the PS5’s technical spec after today’s launch event. What we do know is that the new console will have a super-fast solid state hard-drive that will reduce loading times exponentially. 1GB from a disc-drive would take around 20 seconds. 2GB from PlayStation’s SSD is more like 0.27 seconds. It is suggested that the much faster delivery of data will eliminate loading screens. Additional external SSD memory can also be added.

AMD are responsible for the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and have provided the ‘RDNA 2’ chip. It’s build to compliment the rest of the PS5’s superior architecture whilst remaining backwards compatible with PS4 games.

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Sony have reportedly been working on a cooling system that will allow the PS5 to run both it’s GPU and CPU at full capacity without drawing excessive power and overheating, but so far details on this are scarce.

Improved hardware and graphics are also complimented by the Tempest Engine, providing ‘Tempest 3D AudioTech’. The idea is that gamers will enjoy superior 3D sound however they’re listening. Be it through a soundbar or headphones.

We’ll find out when the PS5 will hit stores and, crucially, how much it will cost at tonight’s event. Speculation suggests that PlayStation fans will be able to buy the console towards the end of 2020. November is likely, but December is possible ahead of the holiday season. A premium console will come with a premium price. Brace yourself. We’re anticipating a price tag of around £450.00 for a base model, rising closer to £500.00 with a bundled game.

Follow along with Sony’s PS5 unveiling event at for the full low-down from 9pm today. Exciting!

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