It’s Too Many Trailers Thursday!

It’s Too Many Trailers Thursday!

Once again there has been an influx of brand new trailers today. Here’s a look at them in one handy bite-sized post!


Pierce Brosnan returns to our cinema screens as an upmarket drug dealer with a new substance unlike any other you’ve tried before. The only setback? You can only use it once in your lifetime. However, a group of young friends decide to ignore this warning and have the time of their lives a second time around. Surely nothing will go wrong?

Title: Urge

Release | US: 3rd June ’16 | UK: TBA | World: IMDb




The Nice Guys

When a private detective is asked to find a missing girl, events go from bad to worse when everyone involved with the case is being killed off. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe star in this action comedy from Iron Man 3 director, Shane Black.

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Title: The Nice Guys

Release | US: 20th May ’16 | UK: 3rd June ’16 | World: IMDb



Now You See Me 2

The original Now You See Me told the tale of four great magicians who performed acts of robbery whilst performing on stage at the same time. The audience was rewarded with the stolen cash at the end of every show.

Now a year on from outwitting the FBI, the magicians are forced back into performing one more impossible heist!

Title: Now You See Me 2

Release | US: 10th June ’16 | UK: 4th July ’16 | World: IMDb


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