Jackie Chan Comes To London In The Foreigner

Jackie Chan Comes To London In The Foreigner

Jackie seeks revenge when his daughter is killed by terrorists and the police will do nothing to help

Jackie Chan is a busy man. It feels like every six months there’s a new film from him and I struggle to keep up!

In his first English-language film since 2010’s The Karate Kid, Jackie Chan plays a restaurant owner who is on vacation in London. His daughter is killed by an explosive planted by rogue Irish terrorists.

When the police won’t help he seeks the help of a government official, played by Pierce Brosnan, who he believes has connections to the terrorists and can help him seek revenge.

The film has been directed by Martin Campbell who worked with Brosnan previously on the James Bond film, Goldeneye. Campbell also directed Casino Royale and, oh, The Green Lantern.

Title: The Foreigner

Release US: 13th October | UK: TBA | World: IMDb


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