Jay & Silent Bob Return To Stop A Reboot | Red Band Trailer

Jay & Silent Bob Return To Stop A Reboot | Red Band Trailer

Director Kevin Smith returns to the View Askew Universe with another adventure for Jay & Silent Bob!

On the night of February 26th 2018 after the first of two of Kevin Smith’s infamous Q&A talks, he felt nauseous with a heavy chest. He was rushed to hospital where doctors told him that he was suffering a major heart attack.

As Kevin lay there wondering if he was going to make it, he said one of his thoughts was that he never got to make the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. He was happy with that thought though as he had such a great life with so many experiences and adventures.

Fast forward exactly one year and Kevin starts directing the film that he thought would never happen. If you listen to any recent Smith interview, especially his regular podcast Hollywood Babble-On, you’ll hear that he is extremely happy with this film. He considers it one of his best with a lot of heart…and a lot of star cameos.

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In Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, Jay and Silent Bob discover that Hollywood is rebooting the Bluntman & Chronic film. This is the film the stoner best friends unsuccessfully tried to stop being made in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001).

Kevin was going to release the first trailer after it was premiered at the San Diego Comic-Con this Saturday evening but instead decided to release it early.

This is a red band trailer, so there is swearing from the outset. Jay & Silent Bob Reboot will open around the world later this year.


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