Jump The Shark Episode 14 – Self Isolation

Jump The Shark Episode 14 – Self Isolation

John and Will return as your hosts for ‘Jump The Shark’, a pop-culture podcast from The Unheard Nerd. Movies, TV, comics, books and much, much more.

Introducing a pop-culture podcast from The Unheard Nerd. John and Will mull over all things nerdy with their show ‘Jump The Shark’. Intending to cover everything you’d expect to read about on theunheardnerd.com, expect honest opinion, wild speculation and the odd frequent rants.

No research was attempted in the making of this podcast.

From movies and TV to comics, books, music and much, much more, the show allows its hosts the freedom to talk about anything and everything. Get it in your ears now!

On This Show…

Episode 14 | Self Isolation


All hail Jeffey Jeff! John and Will maintain a distance of at least 2 meters at all time to discuss the effects of Caronavirus on current cinems, on the films and television they’ve watched to distract from Caronavirus and LEGO.

Runtime 01:04:16 | Explicit | May Contain Spoilers & Explicit Language
Title Music: OHC 455 – aptbr

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