Not Just Your Standard iPhone 5 Cassette Tape Case

Not Just Your Standard iPhone 5 Cassette Tape Case

There are many, many different kinds of covers you can purchase for your shiny new iPhone 5, however this one has a little extra functionality. It also contains a USB memory stick.

Harking back to the retro 80’s this phone case faithfully resembles the old analogue cassette tape us elders grew up with, taping your favorite music from the chart show on a Sunday afternoon. You young ‘uns have it too easy now with your MP3’s!

The case snugly fits your iPhone 5 and it also contains a sleek thin 8GB USB memory stick to allow you to share your files with friends or just as a handy way to transport your data around. If you don’t have an iPhone, worry not as the company behind this cool little gadget also has a non iPhone version as well. Both varieties come in a range of four colours.

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You can purchase both products directly from Midasity. The iPhone cover retails for £19.99 [iPhone Case]. The 8GB USB memory stick retails for £17.99 [Memory Stick]

Thanks to CoolSmartPhone for the story.

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