K.Flay Finds A New Audience | Camden Assembly | June 28th

K.Flay Finds A New Audience | Camden Assembly | June 28th

I know I haven’t written anything for a while. That’s mostly in part to a crappy work/life balance that’s been making me pretty miserable of late. I’ve not been finding the same joys in the things I used to. What’s this got to do with a K.Flay gig review? I’m getting there.

Last night (June 28), in the small, humble and unassuming  Camden Assembly, a crowd of around 200 people gathered for the second sold out show in a row for K.Flay. That in itself is not unusual; I’ve seen her a number of times, in slightly bigger venues and the crowd is always as big as it can be. This show, before it even started, felt different.

When her latest album “Every Where is Some Where” dropped I really thought this is going to be the one that propels her to the next level. This is going to be the album that gets more and more people listening to her. Earlier this week, I checked out a few of the latest music videos from the new album to share with a colleague at work and for songs that are only a matter of months old to have over 6 million views each, it felt like my first instincts of this album were right. Indeed, as the night progressed, most of the people there were singing along much more to the new tracks whilst seemingly not knowing the words of some of her more well known tracks.

So there I was, in the crowd coming out the other side of the few previous harder weeks, enjoying the gig so far, when while introducing one of the songs, K said something about how she’d been hurt and upset but that through it all, she wrote this song and then moved on with her life. I wasn’t looking for an epiphany moment and I wouldn’t say this was one. The stuff I’ve been going through wasn’t the same, but in that moment it made me realise that I don’t have to not enjoy the things I enjoy just because I’m not feeling great and that I should turn it into something positive. Hence finally sitting down to commit something to writing for this site that’s always been a great outlet for me since I started writing for it. Anyway, I digress…

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The setlist was typical in it’s formation – the entire new album along with a few hits from Life as a Dog. The heavier moments from the new album such as ‘Black Wave’ and ‘Giver’ were executed with the kind of energy the gritty, distorted bass and guitars demand. K picked up the bass and guitar for a few tracks as she often does, including possibly the best live version of ‘Cops’ that I’ve ever heard. It was stripped back, K on guitar with drums and bass keeping it minimal behind and delivering one of my personal favourites with aplomb. The fact I saw next to no one else singing along to it though confused me, but as a few more of the older songs came out it was plain to see, that for a lot of people there, this new album was likely to be their first experience of her.


New fan or old, one thing that would’ve been certain for all to see was that this is a musician that is only getting better and is enjoying the ride more than ever. There was so much energy, so many smiles and a genuine look of delight on her face throughout the whole show that have perhaps not always been so visible at previous shows and it was fantastic to see.

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The show wasn’t flawless but it didn’t need to be. Sure, her vocal delivery suffered ever so slightly whilst focusing on playing bass and guitar (I know that feeling all too well!) but it didn’t matter, this was a minor thing in a show that proved through everything the key to life is enjoying it and giving it your all no matter what.

The new album ‘Every Where Is Some Where’ is out now and merch bundles can be bought from kflay.com

Lead Image | Lauren Dukoff

About K.Flay | Kristine Meredith Flaherty, known by her stage name K.Flay, is an American musician from Wilmette, Illinois. Her 2014 album Life as a Dog peaked at number 2 on Billboard’s Heatseeker Chart, and at number 14 on Billboard’s Rap Chart. In 2016, Flay signed with Interscope Records. She was the first artist signed to Dan Reynolds’ Night Street Records Imprint.

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