Kara, Another Impressive Star Wars Short

Kara, Another Impressive Star Wars Short

It’s not hard to see why Star Wars fan film ‘Kara’ is Vimeo’s Staff Pick.

Mere days ago I posted Rebel Scum, a smart short film contained within the Star Wars universe and set on the ice planet Hoth. Today there’s another fan film from ‘A galaxy, far, far away’ that’s catching the attention of the interweb, thanks in no small part to the staff at Vimeo who have picked ‘Kara‘ out to be showcased on the video streaming service.

Set on what looks like Tatooine (But may not be) Kara packs a lot into a mere seven or so minutes running time. Aside from the X-Wing and Tie Fighter dogfight and the pursuing Stormtroopers, the heart of the film lies with a father and daughter and her struggle to control the force.

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As with Rebel Scum there are some rough edges, specifically with the CGI and after effects, but on the whole the film manages to present an intimate story against a vast and sprawling backdrop. Kara is written and directed by Joe Sill and produced by Westin Ray. Andra Nechita, Peter Arpesella and Daniela Flynn star.

The film is a whitelist.tv production.

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