Kevin Smith’s Tusk Will Receive An International Cinematic Release

Kevin Smith’s Tusk Will Receive An International Cinematic Release

Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions Snap Up Kevin Smith’s Monster Movie Tusk.

For those not in the know, here’s a brief history of Kevin Smith’s latest movie since announcing his retirement from the movie game, which seems unlikely to actually happen as he’s already announced his next project (Comes The Krampus) and has aspirations of producing Clerks III.

The idea for Smith’s latest film, Tusk, was spawned on his SModcast Podcast (episode #259) whilst riffing with fellow presenter, movie writer (Free Birds) and producer (Most of Smith’s movies) Scott Mosier. The pair roll-played a scenario based on a Gumtree advertisement that offered free accommodation if the lodger agreed to dress as a walrus. As bizarre as this sounds Smith has managed to produce the movie with Micheal Parks (Red State), Justin Long (Galaxy Quest) and Hayley Joel Osment (AI) taking the lead roles.

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Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions have picked up the rights to distribute the film at the Berlin Film Market in many international markets including the U.K, Canada and Australia this autumn. The film has already been snapped up by A24 Films in the U.S.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news.


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