Kevin Smith’s fictional restaurant, Mooby’s, becomes a reality

Kevin Smith’s fictional restaurant, Mooby’s, becomes a reality

A Mooby’s pop-up restaurant will open in L.A. this month for a limited time. Will only be able to offer home delivery because of Coronavirus.

Mooby’s first appeared in Kevin Smith’s 1999 film, ‘Dogma’. The fictional fast food restaurant went on to become a fixture of further films in Smith’s Veiw Askewinverse, most prominently in ‘Clerks II’ where protagonists Dante and Randal find themselves working post Quickstop and RST Video. Mooby’s returned again last year in ‘Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot‘. Smith’s long-awaited directorial return to form.

Now ‘Mooby The Golden Calf’ will light up the front of the restaurant for real, for a limited time. Opening on April 20th (4.20), the L.A. pop-up will serve burgers and shakes for five days. Except, not at the restaurant itself.

As Coronavirus dominates so much pop-culture news in recent times, the pandemic also puts a dampener on Mooby’s grand opening. Fans of Kevin Smith’s films will be denied the opportunity of spending time in the restaurant as social distancing and lockdown prohibits people from gathering in public. Undeterred, the specially crafted Mooby’s menu, which includes vegan options (Kevin Smith is famously a non-vegetable eating vegan) will instead be available for delivery via the Postmates service to the local L.A. area. Merchandise will also be available.

Plans are afoot to re-open the pop-up later in the year so that diners can enjoy the full Mooby’s experience. Mooby’s L.A. will be situated at 7100 Santa Monica Boulevard.

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