Kevin Smith’s Latest Project Is A TV Pilot | Hollyweed

Kevin Smith’s Latest Project Is A TV Pilot | Hollyweed

Fresh from showcasing his latest low-budget movie Yoga Hosers at Sundance, Kevin Smith is now busy working on a pilot for his latest venture. A TV show called Hollyweed.

Reviews of Kevin Smith‘s latest movie Yoga Hosers have been mixed with some describing the film simply as a poorly executed vehicle to further his own daughter Harley-Quinn Smith’s career, which is lacking in any substance or creativity. Others take the exact opposite opinion, applauding the second in Smith’s ‘True North Trilogy’ (the equally divisive Tusk being the first) as his best work since the heyday of the View Askew era which concluded with Zack & Miri Make A Porno.

Yoga Hosers

Smith isn’t ignorant to his natural talent for dividing opinion, but has become more diverse in his creative projects over the last decade. Fresh from promoting Yoga Hosers at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah, Smith has begun work on a pilot for his latest venture, a television series called Hollyweed.

The title is aptly descriptive, the show is set in Hollywood at a weed dispensary. Smith is once more doing what he does best, tapping into personal experience. A famous stoner who lives in Hollywood who has his own reality TV show in the form of Comic Book Men, set in his own comic book store, The Secret Stash, back in his home town of Redbank, New Jersey. Elements of each of these aspects of his life seep into the idea behind Hollyweed.

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Smith describes the show as Clerks meets Chasing Amy set in a weed store. A love story in a retail setting in which he will star (with dialogue) alongside Donnell Rawlings (The Chappelle Show) and Frankie Shaw (Mr Robot). Appearances from Jason Mewes and Ralph Garman are to be expected as both are regular collaborators with the writer/director, as well as Smith’s daughter Harley-Quinn who will play his character’s daughter too.

The premise of the pilot revolves around the tensions that arise between the dispensary and a cake shop across the road in which a reality TV show is being filmed. Smith released the first picture from the show on Instagram this week.

Kevin Smith Hollyweed

Hollyweed is being created with StarStream and FremantleMedia who will look to sell the series for television distribution.

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