Kickboxer Vengeance Is Just Another Remake!

Kickboxer Vengeance Is Just Another Remake!

Jean-Claude Van Damme returns in a new Kickboxer film that looks to be a simple remake with some role switching.

When the original Kickboxer was released in 1989, it was a moderate success and made a name for the star Jean-Claude Van Damme. It’s considered a cult classic and the film made enough money that is spawned four sequels, Van Damme however, didn’t return for most of them.

Now Kickboxer returns in a new film with the subheading Vengeance. This time, Van Damme’s role has changed from the young man looking for revenge to the master who will train the martial artist.

Dave Bautista also looks impressive as the film’s villain, Tung Po. If he looks familiar, that’s because Bautista is most famous for playing Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy and more recently as the henchman Hinx from the latest James Bond film, Spectre.

Unfortunately, especially those who have seen the original, it’s blatantly obvious that this trailer is a condensed version of the film and it follows all the beats from the original. Also, who decided that soundtrack fits this kind of film? It’s the Assasins Creed trailer all over again!

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Maybe they’ll remake the famous dance scene from the original.


Title: Kickboxer: Vengeance

Release | US: 2nd September | UK: 30th September | World: IMDb


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