Kickstarter | The Haunted Swordsman

Kickstarter | The Haunted Swordsman

Can you invest in a gothic horror adventure told with groundbreaking puppetry and innovative practical effects?

A tale of a samurai who seeks vengeance in a haunted world could become a reality if this Kickstarter campaign is successful.

The short film’s director, Kevin McTurk, wants to make this film in the classical Japanese style of Bunraku. This technique utilizes three performers, usually hidden under black clothing, controlling a 36-inch high puppet via rod controls.

As with all Kickstarter projects, there are different levels of rewards depending on how much you pledge. If Kevin receives the asking amount, just one stand alone film will be produced.

Depending on how much extra money comes in, hopefully, the stretch goals can be reached. This would mean further episodes in the samurai’s story.

‘Lost in a bamboo forest, his Shogun murdered by an evil supernatural force, a lone samurai collapses to his knees with an anguished cry. Disgraced and humiliated at having failed to save his Master, the Samurai prepares to commit seppuku. But a voice stops him. A voice emanating from a cursed severed head who offers to guide the Samurai on a quest for vengeance. Thus begins the tale of…’The Haunted Swordsman’.

Kevin McTurk certainly knows his stuff having a successful career in the practical effects business. He has worked on films such as Batman Returns, Interview with a Vampire, the Jurassic Park films and most recently, Stranger Things.

His previous film was also in the Bunraku style and was entitled, The Mill At Calder’s End.

Personally, having seen that trailer, I really want to see that short film. I hope The Haunted Swordsman is successfully funded as well especially after seeing the pre-production work and early test footage from the Kickstarter video.

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I’ve seen this project endorsed by many people I admire in the film industry. For example, the video above features Richard Taylor, head of Weta Workshop owned by director Peter Jackson and actor Christopher Lloyd.

If you wish to help this Kickstarter, which ends on October 7th, or you’re now a little more curious about the film, click here for more information.

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