Kid Apoc | Leaving Las Vegas | Video and EP

Kid Apoc | Leaving Las Vegas | Video and EP

Kid Apoc has a video for the title track of his new EP Leaving Las Vegas.

Whilst communications and his bandcamp page still identify him as ‘Kid Apocalypse’, the press release for his new EP now refers to him as Kid Apoc. Who dat?! – Your ‘favorite rapping mutant clone’ is who – and he’s just dropped a new three track EP titled Leaving Las Vegas for which the title track has a seriously cool video.

“The new tracks scramble fact and fiction(s) as Kid Apoc explores the existential crisis of a comic character abandoned by his creator to a universe hostile to his existence as both mutant and deviation from the status quo.”

The title track borrows in attitude and style from Hunter. S. Thompson as Kid Apoc “Meta-critiques” the current state of comics today. Uncle Wade (Jared Yanez) takes the lead on track two, Wheat Cakes and Aunt Mays, with a fourth wall breaking Deadpool rendition. Earth 616 is a remixed and revised version of Kid Apocalypse’s 2012 track.

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Leaving Las Vegas is available for free download from bandcamp now.

[bandcamp width=640 height=640 album=3005807908 size=large bgcol=333333 linkcol=2ebd35 minimal=true]

About Kid Apoc | Straight from the pages of Uncanny X-Force, and Wolverine and the X-Men comes Kid Apocalypse! Slinging rhymes in the 616 Universe, Kid A is riding the line between good and evil with his partner in crime Dark Beast from the Age of Apocalypse Universe. Will he stay on the path of good, or will his nature turn him to evil.

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