King Pheenix | Wolves | Review

King Pheenix | Wolves | Review

King Pheenix finds a new refinement for new release, Wolves.

It looks like Scrub Club Records is so far retired that the latest release from the internet label’s King Pheenix doesn’t even feature on their website. Pheenix has been something of a sledgehammer in the Scrub Club roster, notorious for his forceful style of delivery. Wolves finds the North Carolina rapper showing off a new sense of refinement.

As a vocalist my mental comparison of King Pheenix has always been that of a metal singer, but rapping. Wolves sets about re-writing that expectation and allows for a far more accessible experience. I’m not saying that the six track release is missing the punch or force of previous releases. In fact there’s a prominent metal influence on Teeth and Wolfpack featuring Alpha Riff draws a little on past style of ‘Pheenix’ whilst introducing the new tone.

What it does provide is a few surprises. Standout track, Lone, is a relaxed hip-hop beat fleshed out with melody and harmony that exudes a maturity I really wasn’t expecting. Sounding confident, and showcasing a talent for a vocal hook Wolves feels like a giant leap forward for the rapper both lyrically and in technical delivery. The growth of King Pheenix is further present on Bane featuring Schaffer the Darklord and Insanity with additional vocals provided from fellow Scrub Club label-mate Starf (who, for the record, has developed considerably as an artist in his own right in recent years).

With catchy hooks, clever lyrics and sense that King Pheenix has become a rapper comfortable with producing music that will appeal to a wider audience, I for one hope that this is the beginning of a new ‘post Scrub Club’ era. The future looks bright.

Download Wolves via bandcamp for a bargain price of just $5 now.


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