Knight Rider may ride again with a new movie in the works

Knight Rider may ride again with a new movie in the works

Knight Rider, an icon of eighties television could be set to delve into the seedy criminal underworld once more.

Knight Rider first leapt onto our screens in 1982 and spawned various spin-offs of varying quality. Now the show may find new life through a big screen adaptation.

Behind the film are Spyglass Media producers, James Wan and Michael Clear, who, Deadline reports, have enlisted notable video game writer T.J. Fixman to pen the screenplay.

Knight Rider found huge success in the eighties and launched the career of David Hasselhoff who became a household name for his portrayal of Michael Knight, an underground crime-fighter backed by a clandestine organisation, Knight Industries.

As big a star as Hasselhoff became, his success was equalled by an unlikely co-star. Michael Knight’s partner came in the form of a modified, black Pontiac Trans AM called KITT. Gifted with artificial intelligence, KITT was indestructible, faster than any other car and could operate autonomously. Voiced by William Daniels, KITT had a personality all of his own. A bumpy start between Knight and KITT soon gave way to an endearing partnership.

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Television movies and modernised series have come and gone. None of which enjoyed the success of the original with many referencing a change of car as a principal reason.

David Hasselhoff may be too old to reprise the lead in this new film, though the actor has expressed a desired to participate in a Logan-esq, darker telling of the story with an older Michael Knight. But it certainly would provide a healthy dose of nostalgia if the ‘Hoff’ was involved in some way.

What I do hope is that KITT is restored to his original form. No super-modern variation or Ford Mustang will ever usurper that iconic Trans AM.

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