Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster, Space Sweepers, To Launch On Netflix

Korean Sci-Fi Blockbuster, Space Sweepers, To Launch On Netflix

The big budget Korean sci-fi blockbuster receives its world premiere on Netflix in February.

2020 was quite a year, and I had forgotten that we first reported on Space Sweepers back in May. The film’s Korean premiere has already been delayed twice due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Space Sweeper‘s director, Jo Sung-hee, first came up with the idea for the film when a friend told him about the real danger of space junk and the threat that poses to astronauts and spacecraft. This inspired him to think about how would Koreans would stand up to the challenge of dealing with it.

Set in 2092, the story follows the crew of the spaceship Victory. This small band of people, along with one android, make a living by scavenging the scrap floating in space. However, they unwittingly pick up a  7-year-old girl inside. Realizing that she’s the human-like robot wanted by UTS Space Guards, they decide to demand ransom.

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This is the largest Korean sci-fi blockbuster to date, and it certainly looks very impressive. Netflix has acquired the worldwide distribution rights to Space Sweepers, and it will premiere on their service on February 5th.


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