Korea’s Own Star Wars? This is Space Sweepers!

Korea’s Own Star Wars? This is Space Sweepers!

Space Sweepers takes on Star Wars with South Korea’s first ever sci-fi blockbuster.

South Korean film-maker Jo Sung-Hee has been hard at work on Space Sweepers billed as, “a sci-fi blockbuster that will show a story and graphics that were never seen before against the backdrop of an endless space”.

Space Sweepers is set in the year 2092 and follows the crew of the Victory who make money by collecting and selling the junk found floating in space. The increased speed of the Victory gives them an advantage over their competitors.

Another factor in their success is the use of a harpooning robot who glides though through space with a sound like a whistle. You can easily see him in this short teaser trailer and this is also the first time that a Korean motion picture has used motion capture technology to create a CGI character to act alongside its co-stars.

Space Sweepers will release later in the year in South Korea. I’m already hoping this gets picked up by Netflix or a similar VOD service.

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