Kudos The Kid | Casanova Frankenstein | Review

Kudos The Kid | Casanova Frankenstein | Review

Have Kudos The Kid created  a monstrous, or a monster of a second album?

The Jacksonville duo dropped their second album a little over a month ago. Casanova Frankenstein follows their impressive debut Yonder with a continuation of their trademark sound, much of which can be attributed to vocalist, Justin Toole’s, unique, dry, drawl and rhythmic delivery. If I could adopt the sound of any rapper, Toole’s style would be up there on the shortlist.

From the production you’ll find carefully crafted synths and electronica blended into a smooth soundscape with the odd keys and guitar where appropriate. It’s likely that you’ll have heard the first single Breakfast, featuring Lex Lingo and Klopfenpop. The album mix is ever so slightly more refined now with the previously prominent air-horns being somewhat subdued and bedded in.

More than a simple hip-hop album, tracks like I’m Useless (But Not For Long) and  Hand Prints In The Pavement include sung choruses with vocals coming from guests like Sean Lightfoot and Drakar that compliment the tone. The former is a reworking of The Gorrilaz track Clint Eastwood which feels a little out of sync with the context of the release, but not to its detriment.

Stock Options resonates with me and perhaps will do with anyone who has been in a job they don’t care for and the closing samples make me smile each time I listen. It’s track seven, though, that proves to be my stand-out. Featuring Kidlookalike, Turn The Stereo Up combines many of the elements from the rest of the album into a building, and at times, raucous track.

Casanova Frankenstein proves an enjoyable and well presented eleven tracks that should be worthy of multiple listens. Despite pitching it at the nerdcore audience it doesn’t scream out with nerdy content, but at the same time the pair behind the album don’t try to emulate or ride the coattails of anyone in the genre. Casanova Frankenstein is strong album that falls a little short of being remarkable, but the duo that make up Kudos The Kid continue to show immense potential.

Download the entire album for free from Kudos The Kid’s bandcamp page now.


Will Harrison

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    September 22, 2014

    I really enjoyed the album from start to finish. Since I was unaware of Kudos the Kid prior to this release they have only just (in the past two weeks) made it to my daily playlist. And ‘Stock Options’ gets jammed twice on work days.


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