Kudos The Kid Lead The Way For This Tribute To Beat ‘Em Ups

Kudos The Kid Lead The Way For This Tribute To Beat ‘Em Ups

Charged with creating a theme song for the Games Arts And Music Show, Kudos The Kid teams up with other local talent to create ‘Vs’. A tribute to beat ’em ups.

Alongside local emcees – Willie Evans Jr, Arsun F!st, & TunK – Kudos The Kid were asked to create a theme tune for this year’s Games Arts And Music Show in Jacksonville, Fl.

Putting their heads together the four contributors took four classic beat ’em up games as inspiration. Each taking a verse to rap about Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Killer Instinct and Tekken respectively. The result is ‘Vs’ a catchy four minutes forty seconds with game references and clever samples to satiate any beat ’em up / Hip-Hop fan.

The collective have written and recorded the track ahead of the Games Arts And Music show (GAAM for short) where they will combine forces once more to perform the track live. The event takes place on Saturday the 13th August.

For more information on the Games Arts And Music show check out the official website.

About Kudos The Kid | Kudos the Kid is an indie hip hop duo out of Jacksonville, Fl. While their music is rooted in hip hop, it is defined by experimentation and exploration. The songs featured on their albums “Yonder” and “Casanova Frankenstein” attempt to bend and blur the edges of various genres into something fresh. With certainly no lack of energy or style, Kudos the Kid utilizes the juxtaposition of melodies and big hooks against gritty vocals to create songs that are unique and a whole lot of fun.

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