Kudos The Kid – Don’t Taze Me Brah! (Ultraklystron Mashup Mix) | Video

Kudos The Kid – Don’t Taze Me Brah! (Ultraklystron Mashup Mix) | Video

The latest video from Kudos The Kid combines two tracks into one with visuals filmed around Seoul, South Korea.

This latest take on their song ‘Don’t Taze Me Brah!’ is something of a hybrid. Vocals come from the original version of the song which can be found on Kudos The Kid’s 2012 album Yonder.

The music, however, has been provided by producer Ultraklystron and is taken from his track ‘All Eyes On Us’ which appears on his 2014 album Unwarranted Self Importance.

Put together and dubbed the ‘Ultraklystron Mashup Mix) the tracks become something else altogether. 

Visuals for the song feature Kudos frontman Justin Toole and were shot around Seoul in South Korea. The video showcases the colourful and varied street art found on the streets of the city.

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About Kudos the Kid | Kudos the Kid is an indie hip hop duo out of Jacksonville, Fl. While their music is rooted in hip hop, it is defined by experimentation and exploration. The songs featured on their albums “Yonder” and “Casanova Frankenstein” attempt to bend and blur the edges of various genres into something fresh. With certainly no lack of energy or style, Kudos the Kid utilizes the juxtaposition of melodies and big hooks against gritty vocals to create songs that are unique and a whole lot of fun.

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