Who has the largest vocabulary in Hip-Hop?

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Who has the largest vocabulary in Hip-Hop?

Matt Daniels needed to know which rapper has the largest vocabulary, the internet is glad he did.

A Designer, coder and data scientist, New York City resident Matt Daniels has produced a truly fascinating study into which rapper has the largest vocabulary. Citing Shakespeare, who is famously celebrated for having the greatest vocabulary in history (though it’s worth bearing in mind that Shakespeare made up an awful lot of of words that later became integrated into the English language) as part of the inspiration behind this experiment, Daniels studied the firstĀ 35,000 lyrics from the world’s biggest rappers to find out who uses the highest number of unique words.

The results show a staggering landslide for Aesop Rock, an artist Daniels initially felt compelled to exclude from the study for being too obscure, the reddit community put his straight on that. Additionally the East Coast holds the honour with the top ten being made up almost exclusively of rappers from the East side of the U.S.

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Hip-Hop Vocabulary

It would be interesting to see how the Nerdcore rap community hold up in a similar study, but MC Frontalot already feels he’d have a shot at topping the list, how serious he is about this is anyone’s guess.


Check out Matt Daniels’ website for lots more, mdaniels.com

Shout out to @MC_Hunter1990 for the tip.


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