Lazy Habits – Feed The Brass | Video

Lazy Habits – Feed The Brass | Video

Lazy Habits take inspiration from Rockstar Games’ ‘Grand Theft Auto’ in the video for their latest single ‘Feed the Brass’.

From their second full-length studio album titled ‘The Atrocity Exhibition’ comes a new video from Lazy Habits for the track ‘Feed the Brass’.

‘The Atrocity Exhibition’ dropped in May 2016 and formed a somewhat less inspiring follow up to the UK rap outfit’s fantastic self-titled debut LP.

In fact ‘Feed the Brass’ is a sequel to the track ‘Even Out‘ (an introduction to Jill and her shady way of life) which can be found on that debut release. Listen closely and you’ll hear a snippet in this new video.

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Shot in one continuous take from a drone, the video takes on the aesthetics of the video game ‘Grand Theft Auto’. The camera follows the song’s protagonist Jill as she goes about her seedy day to day business on the streets of the UK. During her journey she encounters drug dealers, pimps and plenty of other unsavoury types.

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About Lazy Habits – The London based hip-hop group are led by lead emcee Lazy Habits with rest of the current line-up completed by DJ Itchi, Tom Sansbury, Ross McDouall and Ben Thorpe. The group mix a blend of soul and funk with hip-hop beats and vocals.

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