LEGO Celebrates The 60th Anniversary Of The Modern Brick

LEGO Celebrates The 60th Anniversary Of The Modern Brick

Today marks the 60th anniversary of the modern 2×4 LEGO brick. Special installations mark the occasion and retro sets hark back to a simpler time.

As LEGO enjoys an 85th year in business the company takes the time to celebrate a significant moment in its history. 60 years ago today saw the introduction of the modern 2×4 LEGO brick.

To mark the occasion there are several installations around the globe including a ten foot tall representation of the famous 2×4 brick built from over 133,000 individual bricks (how meta). Meanwhile, in the UK, Osborne’s Toy Shop in Rushden, Northants, has been completely recreated from the famous interlocking building system.

Anniversary LEGO sets

On a smaller scale LEGO has released a number of retro sets that hark back to a simpler time where creativity is encouraged. There are five sets with incremental price points. Starting from just £4.99 for the classic ‘Rainbow Fun’ to the much larger ‘Mission to Mars‘ set that will set you back £44.99 and comes in a large red plastic container.

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Each product comes with a few ideas of what to build, but beyond that there will be extra bricks to encourage consumers to let their imaginations run wild and create any number of amazing builds.

Retro LEGO

A further four celebratory sets are also available. The 442 piece ‘Bricks on a Roll‘ gets updated box art for the occasion and comes along with a booklet telling the history of LEGO.

Meanwhile, there are three sets that call back to the days when LEGO bricks came in only five colours. These simple builds are of a basic house, a kitsch windmill and a slightly more complex pickup truck. Sadly though, these appear to be Walmart exclusives for the United States and come at a pretty hefty $19.99 price point for the number of bricks in each box. The cost clearly set to match the limited availability, retro packaging and increased collectibility.

Good luck hunting them all down, and a happy sixtieth birthday to the modern LEGO brick!

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