LEGO Ideas, I Am Your Father…

LEGO Ideas, I Am Your Father…

We all agree that Empire is the best of the Star Wars films, right? Doesn’t it seem weird that one of the most pivotal moments in the whole saga doesn’t have a LEGO set?

Enter ‘LEGO Ideas’ creator Máté Szabó aka szabomate90 who’s created a concept for that greatest of reveals in the Star Wars saga, the moment where Darth Vader tells Luke Skywalker that he is his father. On the surface of things the set may not seem that playable but as a display piece I can definitely see the potential behind this 1482 brick construction.

LEGO Star Wars  'I Am Your Father'

Máté has tried to stay as faithful to the movie scene as possible even down to making parts of the set removable to replicate the antenna that Darth Vader severs with his lightsaber. All of the bricks used are already in production, though to achieve the authenticity desired some new colour ways would be required.

As a ‘LEGO Ideas’ pitch the concept requires backing from members of the public, only if the set received 10,000 backers will LEGO consider the project for manufacture. At the time of writing ‘I Am Your Father’ is over halfway with 631 days remaining to achieve the target.

Star Wars: I am your father

If you like the look of this set and you want to lend your support, head over to the ‘LEGO Ideas’ website where you can back this concept – for free – and others like it.

For further information on Máté’s project and for more images, including side-by-side comparisons with the movie, check out his facebook page too.

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