LEGO Ideas | Knight Rider K.I.T.T. concept breaks 10,000 supporter mark

LEGO Ideas | Knight Rider K.I.T.T. concept breaks 10,000 supporter mark

One question. Why isn’t this Knight Rider K.I.T.T. LEGO model already a thing? This IDEAS concept could be in shops soon.

LEGO Ideas gives creators the opportunity to pitch their concepts for new models. With enough public support these are then considered by the Danish company to be manufactured for retail. Creator Jimmi-DK has just reached the magic 10,000 supporter mark to make that happen.

Jimmi’s concept is a recreation of K.I.T.T. (Knight Industries Two Thousand), a converted Pontiac Trans Am with artificial intelligence from the popular eighties show ‘Knight Rider’.

The show made David Hasselhoff a household name playing an underground crime fighter, Michael Knight, with a mysterious past. Michael’s companion each week was K.I.T.T. – sleek black car voiced by William Daniels (Mr Feeny in ‘Boy Meets World’). Not only able to speak, K.I.T.T could drive itself, make complex calculations in a slit second and propel itself over obstacles. The car inexplicably became as much a star of the show as Hasselhoff.

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This detailed representation of K.I.T.T. in LEGO form, a LEGO K.I.T.T. if you will (Boom, tish!) is comprised of 883 bricks and captures the iconic details of the car perfectly. From the extended, modified nose with a sweeping LED light fixture to the smooth beige interior with computerised dashboard, a lot of care has gone into making this model perfect.

At a little over 13 inches long this model rivals the recent LEGO Batmobile in terms of size, if not in number of bricks. Check out the LEGO Ideas page for more images.

Jimmi’s concept isn’t the only K.I.T.T. looking for support on LEGO Ideas at the moment. A quick search highlighted two others, each deserving of praise.

First up is a mid-scale version from The Half Blood Baron. This set is made up of 350 bricks and, although it lacks the detail of Jimmi’s creation, I love the overall look of this set. To see more check out the LEGO Ideas page. This concept currently has just over 1000 supporters.

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Lastly there’s a micro scale K.I.T.T. from ShiryoYurei which features awesome minifigs of Micheal Knight and his colleagues from Knight Industries. Shiryo has crossed the 600 supporter mark. Give this set a boost here.

Which is your favourite?

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