LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog set will be manufactured

LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog set will be manufactured

LEGO has approved another fan conceived ‘IDEAS’ set. Toastergrl’s ‘Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone’ build captured fans imaginations and will be officially released.

SEGA’s iconic mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog, is set to be immortalised in LEGO. Following in the footsteps of his Nintendo rival, Mario, the speedy blue hedgehog is heading to stores thanks to the success of a fan-built ‘IDEAS’ creation.

IDEAS is a platform created by LEGO that allows fans to showcase their own creations. Some are unique, others imagine fantasy sets based on existing characters and themes. Past successes include a fan-built Tron: Legacy set and a detailed imagining of Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment from ‘The Big Bang Theory’. Any set that gains 10,000 votes or more enters a review stage with the LEGO board once a quarter. The board chooses only one successful set to be developed into an official LEGO set that will be sold in stores and online.

IDEAS creator, toastergrl, found inspiration in the Green Hill Zone which led to her ultimate success as her ‘Sonic Mania – Green Hill Zone’ concept gained the requisite number of votes and was selected by LEGO as the next IDEAS set to be manufactured.

The UK based LEGO fan insists on incorporating playable elements into her creations and this is evident in the number of posable and moveable parts in her Sonic Mania concept.┬áNaturally, there’s a Sonic minifig as well as recognisable elements from classic Sonic the Hedgehog games. The chequered landscape, an iconic loop, springboards and extra-life power-ups all add to the authenticity.

Perhaps the most impressive element to the set is the presentation of Sonic’s nemesis, Dr. Robotnik aka Eggman. Not only is there a beautifully crafted Robotnik character, the Egg Robot mech is simply incredible.

Having been selected to enter the development stage we can expect to see notable differences between toastergrl’s vision and LEGO’s ultimate creation as a final design is determined. Pricing and a release date is also set to follow.

Find out more about toastergrl’s design and see more images on the LEGO IDEAS website.

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